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exec blogoverflow.dbo.createNew(‘dba’)

2012-05-29 by jcolebrand. 0 comments

In keeping with our interested parties list we’ve launched the blog with about 10 contributors, more or less. And since we veterans know that the StackExchange Network runs on MSSQL, I thought this was a catchy little title. Don’t let that make you think that we have to only write about MSSQL content. Trust me, we’re all about data storage and retrieval [1], so if you have Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgresql, couchdb, mongodb, memcached, bigtable, hadoop, or any other similar related technology, you’re welcome to bring us questions on it. We hope to devote some of this blog space to defining some of the common problems people face, giving some walkthroughs, and giving history lessons (you don’t know where you’re going till you know where you’ve been). We’re also going to talk about Business Intelligence and all those other fancy buzzwords, as our expertise covers the lot of data, analysis and retrieval (but we’re not statisticians, they have their own site at Cross Validated). We also generally turn down questions that only ask how to do front-end programming, for that you’ll want to visit Stack Overflow.

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