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Data warehousing for the busy DBA, part 2

2012-08-06 by ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells. 2 comments

Data warehousing for the busy DBA

Part 2: What a data warehouse isn’t

Many data requirements can be fulfilled without going to the trouble of a data warehouse.  In some cases the requirements are in conflict with the main requirements of a data warehouse system.

Data warehouses are not real-time systems

Real-time data warehousing is almost never a genuine requirement.  Real-time analytic and aggregate reporting requirements are actually quite rare with very few exceptions.  There are two very good reasons not to implement a real-time system unless you really need it: more »

The Busy DBA: Data warehousing, part 1

2012-07-04 by ConcernedOfTunbridgeWells. 2 comments

Data Warehousing for the Busy DBA

Part 1: What is a data warehouse?

So, one of the enterprise architects has convinced management that we need a Data Warehouse.  You’re the DBA, you know about databases, right – we need you to go and design it.  Can we have an estimate by next Thursday for the board meeting?

This series of articles walks through key data warehouse concepts.  It is aimed at a database professional – a DBA or SQL developer – who is now getting involved in a data warehouse project.  Therefore the articles assume some background in database development or administration.

The term ‘data warehouse’ gets used quite loosely at times.  To start, here is a definition of what a data warehouse is (and is not) and the reasoning behind that definition.  We’ll also look at some alternatives to a data warehouse if your requirements aren’t congruent with an actual data warehouse project.  A data warehouse is more than just a reporting database.  A full-fledged data warehouse will have most or all of these requirements: more »